Post #22 Be Inspired by Carson – CP Kids Coalition Ambassador

Post #22 of our 30 Days of Inspiration, Information and Motivation Series

Throughout our 30 Days Series we’re introducing you to the inspirational kids who are part of the new CP Kids Coalition.  We had the good fortune of learning about Carson through his father, Matt Boyd who took the time to not only tell us about Carson, but to produce a beautiful and inspirational “documentary” about Carson’s journey.  We hope you will take a minute to meet the Boyd family and be inspired.

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By Matt Boyd, Carson’s Dad

Carson was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at about nine months of age in Phoenix Arizona on 2003.  We were obviously devastated, confused and in disbelief when we got the diagnosis as I’m sure every parent is at receiving this type of news.  My mother was the one that actually noticed that he didn’t reach for things as readily with his right as he did his left arm/hand.  His official diagnosis was right hemiplegia CP.  I’ll never forget the doctor turning around from peering at his brain scan saying that with a lesion the size of the one on Carson’s brain that he could easily be wheelchair bound and blowing through a straw.

In 2008 we moved to San Diego from Scottsdale Arizona.  At that time, Carson was really having difficulty walking on his right side with his achilles tendon having severely tightened as well causing him to walk on the ball of his foot.  We were seriously contemplating corrective surgery before moving.  As luck would have it, we decided to have the surgery done after being introduced to Dr. Chambers at Rady Children’s Hosipital not long after we moved to San Diego.  He instilled immediate confidence, but at the same time reiterated the urgency of having a procedure he perfected done right away where he could alter the tendons in Carson’s foot.   He explained that if we waited much longer, he would have to cut bone . . .something we obviously wanted to avoid.

The results of Caron’s surgery were amazing.  That, coupled with his great spirit, helped propel Carson to be able to explore more deeply his love for athletics and baseball in particular.  Carson is now in his third year of baseball where he proudly pitches, catches and plays first base.  Thanks to the guidance of some fantastic team coaches as well as his personal coach, Aaron Fogelsong, Carson has excelled in the sport he loves so much.  Baseball is not only a great outlet for Carson athletically, it has served to boost his confidence as well.

We hope this documentary of Carson’s journey, and those who have lifted him up along the way, will give you hope and inspiration.