Exciting legislative #CerebralPalsy Research update!



The past few weeks we have been busily working on the follow up to our Congressional testimony and our ongoing advocacy efforts. Thanks to your support of the Cerebral Palsy Research funding petition, and the positive reception of our testimony, we will be heading back to Washington next week on May 7th and 8th for a series of meetings on Capitol Hill with key lawmakers. It would be great to be able to show even more signatures on this important return trip so please keep the signatures coming! Can we top 7,000 signatures by Wednesday? Lawmakers are listening! Please sign and share!


We have also been invited to meet with leaders in the NIH/NINDS/NICHD on May 8th about Cerebral Palsy research funding where we will be discussing ideas and sharing some exciting new developments in the works (details to come very soon). Our entire Executive Board will be attending these meetings: Cynthia Frisina, Michael Kutcher, Wendy Sullivan, Dr. Lisa Thornton and Brad Searle. In addition, Dr. Karen Pape on our Advisory Board will also be with us on this trip. We will share our presentation highlights with you upon our return.


Thank you for your ongoing support of these important advocacy and education efforts. Securing federal funding and interest in Cerebral Palsy research is going to change the future of CP – for both people impacted by it now and for future generations!