If you're a parent, caregiver, relative
or friend of a child with Cerebral Palsy

Please Read And Spread The Word...

Dear Friends,

2006 has been a landmark year for RFTS and we want to thank all of you for your support of national CP research. It's hard to believe the year is drawing to a close. We are growing as a national organization and together we are making a difference on a national level.

Our voices as parents of children with Cerebral Palsy are beginning to be heard.

This is vitally important since the over 800,000 Americans with Cerebral Palsy need a voice for their disorder. National, federally funded Cerebral Palsy research at the most basic surveillance and epidemiological level is imperative to better understand and more effectively treat CP.

Update on Washington...

Advocacy on a national level continues to be a core part of the RFTS mission and we are making great strides. Since our testimony before the Congressional House Appropriations Subcommittee on Health and Human Services in March of this year regarding the need for national surveillance and epidemiological CP research, we have maintained contact with our lawmakers and are closely watching how the recent elections will change the membership and leadership of the Appropriations committee.

We are in the process of planning our next trip to Washington in January. The success of this effort is entirely dependent on parent involvement from around the country. History shows that lawmakers will listen if parents (constituents) are willing to speak up, write letters, email and fax to let their lawmakers know this is important.

As Congressional budget deliberations are happening now, it is more important than ever to let your elected officials know CP research is important to you. The more letters, emails, faxes that are received between now and January, the better the chance that national CP surveillance will become a reality.

Please feel free to use the main points in our DC Fact Sheet in your emails and letters. Please speak up. It will only take a minute or two but will make a world of difference for the hundreds of thousands of children with Cerebral Palsy.

Summer Conference Update...

The 3rd Annual Cerebral Palsy Parent Conference “Building The Road To Independence” jointly sponsored by RFTS, Inc. and Washington University School of Medicine was held July 28-29, 2006 in St. Louis, Missouri. Course co-chairs were Dr. Janice Brunstrom, Dr. Michael Noetzel, Anna Marie Champion and Cynthia Frisina Gray.

The conference was a success with parents and caregivers attending from all over the country to hear a message of hope and new learning for their children.

Mark Your Calendars...

For those of you in the Atlanta, Georgia area, please mark your calendars for a very special evening on February 10th, 2007 for the 1st annual "Reaching For The Stars - A Benefit For Children With Cerebral Palsy" fundraiser and silent auction to be held at the Park Tavern in Piedmont Park. More details will be forthcoming.

The generosity and hard work of Ed and Maurie Drambel (parents to son, John) and Seale and David Lindsay are making this event a reality. We greatly appreciate their efforts because the reality is without proper funding RFTS won’t be able to continue the mission of research advocacy.

If you would like to get involved with this event or serve on the host committee, please email us at info@reachingforthestars.org.

We'll be posting more information about the event on our website in the coming weeks and months.

New RFTS Medical Advisory Board Members...

RFTS is proud to announce the addition of two new outstanding members of our medical advisory board:

Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp, M.D. - Medical Epidemiologist; Chief, Developmental Disabilities Branch; National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Dr. Sidhartha Tan, M.D. – Neonatologist; Associate Professor at Northwestern University, editorial board of the Journal of Neuropathology and Experimental Neurology and clinical researcher devoted to preventing and treating fetal brain injury from hypoxia-ischemia and inflammation.

Please visit www.reachingforthestars.org for a complete listing of the RFTS medical and community advisory board.

End of the year giving...

What if RFTS, Inc. earned a penny every time you searched the Internet? Well, now we can!

GoodSearch.com is a new search engine that donates half its revenue, about a penny per search, to the charities its users designate. You use it just as you would any search engine, and it's powered by Yahoo!, so you get great search results.

Just go to www.goodsearch.com and be sure to enter RFTS, Inc. (or Reaching For The Stars. A Foundation of Hope For Children With Cerebral Palsy) as the charity you want to support. Just 500 of us searching four times a day will raise about $7300 in a year without anyone spending a dime out of their own pockets!

Be sure to spread the word!

Please join us on our journey of hope and change. Thank you!

All the best to you and your family in the coming holiday season.

Anna Marie Champion and Cynthia Frisina Gray

Reaching For The Stars. A Foundation Of Hope For Children With Cerebral Palsy

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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. --Margaret Mead


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