Accelerate Research


Our mission is to accelerate cerebral palsy prevention, treatment, and cure research. We will do our part to move the best ideas in Cerebral Palsy research forward toward clinical testing and practical relevance.

We’re working to get new ideas flowing more consistently by:

  • Increasing emphasis on improved advocacy and awareness of the Cerebral Palsy research need.
  • Partnering more effectively with scientific and medical institutions, government entities, as well as private industry, to support Cerebral Palsy research advancement.
  • We realize an effective “trifecta” of public/private/professional collaboration is the fastest way to produce results for children impacted by Cerebral Palsy and their families.


Our New Research Approach

As parents of children with Cerebral Palsy, we want to be stakeholders at the center of cerebral palsy research worldwide. Our new research approach is focused on three key areas:

  1. Support research exploring specific therapeutic approaches that could contribute to the development of improved Cerebral Palsy treatments and eventually a cure.
  2. Increase demand for research to understand the root causes of Cerebral Palsy since in approximately 80% of Cerebral Palsy cases, the cause is still unknown
  3. Encourage research to determine the possible mechanisms of prevention and protection of the developing brain

In order to increase our focus on the area of research, we are in the process of developing a Cerebral Palsy Research Pipeline Support Strategy, where we will constantly monitor and seek new ideas from around the globe, identifying promising therapeutics that can benefit children with Cerebral Palsy and supporting them in a variety of ways. Additionally, we will proactively look for opportunities to raise awareness, fund and partner with relevant organizations to accelerate the development of new and improved treatments.

We partner with Industry

We’re actively developing relationships with pharma, medical device and biotech and related companies with the goal of accelerating interest in Cerebral Palsy research. More to come on this important area of patient advocates partnering with private industry to fast track promising new therapies.