Alive After The Fall Review

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You just never know when a crisis situation could happen that would drastically change the course of normal human life and make it harder to survive. There are things such as natural disasters, wars, terrorist attacks, financial collapses and epidemics that can cause major chaos and distress. You never know when these situations could occur that would cause you and your family to have to struggle to survive. Alexander Cain created a survival preparation guide called Alive After The Fall that is designed in a way to make it easy for anyone to follow. It is a comprehensive guide to surviving and thriving during a disaster or event that causes widespread and long-lasting disruption to electricity, water, and means of electronic communication. This review will examine the program and give the benefits and drawbacks so that persons can make an informed decision about it.

What Is Alive After The Fall?

Alive After The Fall offers helpful advice and insightful tips on how to stay safe when disaster strikes. Alexander Cain, the person behind this survival system, is a theology professor and survival expert who has numerous years of experience and credentials under his belt. He holds a doctor’s degree in Theology and Ancient History, and he has studied the ancient scriptures for almost two decades. Cain is a passionate believer in the bible. He believes that Russia executing an EMP attack on its rival nations is a biblical prophecy that could happen soon. Cain’s firm belief in this prophecy is what gave him the inspiration to research effective ways to protect himself and the ones he loves to survive the coming tribulations. And he has decided to create the program to share all the survival strategies that he has learned.

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Although it has a special focus on preparing for an EMP, Alive After the Fall is not just for EMP survival, it’s about showing how you can make it through any event that brings about great challenges and the need to implement strategies for survival such as a mass pandemic, a natural disaster or any other type of emergency situations. It will teach you ways to cope with food shortage, no electricity, no water, lack of communication and lockdown or break down of essential services and supplies. It will show you methods you can use to keep yourself and your family healthy and safe during these chaotic times.

According to a report by Nuno Fernandes PhD, professor of Finance at IESE Business School, an economic crisis is almost inevitable and could affect every part of the world in the future. Thus, Alive After The Fall aims to be a means of information for anyone who is looking to stay safe and surpass any challenges that disasters bring. This survival system is presented in sections with checklists to organize the different ideas featured. It also serves as a guide for readers, so you can follow each step that is intended to prepare your family for any type of crisis.

Alive After the Fall is a step-by-step plan to prepare you for when these crisis situations strike. Inside the course, you’ll learn about methods you can use to cook food and preserve your essential supplies from spoiling so that you and your loved ones will be healthy and alive.

The Bible Prophecy

The promotion video on the website claims that a bible prophecy would soon fulfill that will come in the form of an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack and cause widespread disruption to electricity-dependent societies. No matter what your individual belief is, many people including Donald Trump believe an EMP is one of the potential threats that can happen at a time we do not expect. While some experts don’t think EMPs pose a big threat, people who are conscious about unexpected events happening are aware that refusing to be prepared for any possible crisis situations, including an EMP, provides a false sense of security.

There are many websites on the internet that claim to have necessary survival information. However, a lot of the info you will find on those websites is actually not very useful with regards to helping you prepare for a major crisis like an EMP attack. Instead, it is designed to make people feel like everything will be fine while lacking crucial information that could help people survive if something bad does happen. That is simply not the right approach. If a disaster never happens to affect you then that would be great. But having the knowledge to know how to survive in difficult situations will be useful to you as you live your life.

What Will You Learn in the Main eBook?

You will discover and put into place a step-by-step plan to prepare for when a crisis event strikes. The following are the main information you will get inside Alive After the Fall:

1 Preserve Essential Supplies

Learn how to find and cook food without using any electricity, and discover tricks to prevent your food and medicine from spoiling. This will allow you to avoid being in a state of despair like many people would without power.

2 Know The Medicine Supplies To Get

You’ll learn 7 must-have medicine supplies that you can use to protect yourself from many of the diseases that will be rampant after a disaster. You can go out to your local store to get these medical supplies to have them at hand for when you need them.

3 Protect Essential Electronics

Most electronic devices could be easily damaged in a natural disaster. You’ll learn how you can protect your essential electronics like flashlights during a disaster by using a Faraday Cage. This is a simple device you will see in the program that has the proper design to shield your electronics from damage. One of these devices could cost around $600, but you will learn how to assemble one by using common parts that you have in your house in just under 23 minutes. You will discover the 5 vital electronics that are crucial to have for restoring some basic communication and lighting during a crisis.

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4 Protect Mental Health

Your mental health would be a powerful asset in any disaster situation. You need to keep strong and maintain a positive attitude to prevent yourself from succumbing to the emotional stress that would occur. When you get access to “Alive After the Fall” you will also receive the guide “Survival Mindset: Keeping Calm and Assertive After the Fall”. This guide will teach you exactly how to make sure you and your family stay calm and are prepared to handle the mental stress the crisis will cause. The goal of the guide is to help you stay mentally sharp and focused during the trying time and help you avoid a mental breakdown.

Early in the ebook, you will discover the strategy to coping with the emotional stress that can run high by following the blueprint called Anticipate, Identify and Manage. You will learn the simple remedies for dealing with challenging emotional states: Isolation, Anxiety, Hopelessness and many, many others. You would also want to share this knowledge with other members of your circle to help them remain positive and steadfast. This will maximize your chances of survival.

5 Maintain Hygiene And Sanitary Conditions

Last, but not least is you need to know immediately after a disaster how to maintain basic hygiene and sanitary conditions. In the guide called “Secrets to Sanitization After the Fall” which is the final part of the Alive After the Fall package, you will learn how to be safe from diseases by using survival techniques to dispose of potentially harmful waste and garbage. Bacteria and microbes that cause disease are responsible for a lot of the deaths that occur after a disaster and you will have the knowledge to prevent them and stay safe. You will learn how to make the most of the limited hygiene supplies you have by using simple tricks to maximize their effectiveness so that they will last two to three times more.

Alive After the Fall Pros And Cons

Let’s now take a look at the pros and cons of the program, which would help you carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages so that you can make a sensible decision.


  • Primarily, the system is quite comprehensive and delves on several survival issues that you may face during a crisis.
  • Alive After the Fall System by Alexander Cain is presented in a checklist form that facilitates the ease in following the steps, so you can prepare for a disaster the most logical way.
  • Offers a range of topics that were not featured in other survival plans before.
  • To the point and straightforward, which makes it easier for you to follow each piece of advice.
  • May be downloaded instantly to help you proceed in applying the tips discussed by the author.
  • If you’re not satisfied with the product, you can always get your money back, as Alive After The Fall is backed by an 8-week full guarantee.


  • As what can be expected in most survival guides, Alexander Cain’s Alive After the Fall System stirs in a certain degree of fear and anxiety to readers.
  • For those customers who want to leave a review of the product, there isn’t any place to leave feedback on the actual product website.
  • It is a digital product, so you will definitely need print to keep multiple hard copies around. When the power goes out all of this information has to be easily accessible.


Although there is an overhyped element of fear in the promotional content for the program on its website that could be minimized, one cannot deny the fact that this is a useful guide. In other words, this is a complete survival guide that could benefit anyone who wants to learn how to survive in an emergency situation. The information in the course is detailed and practical. You will also learn how to save a lot of money as the course comes with tips on how to buy cheap and save money on essential supplies. A lot of these supplies are things you need for everyday living when there is no emergency or crisis. This is just one area of the vast amount of information in the course that you can use for daily living even if a disaster does not happen.

Basically, by buying the guide you have nothing to lose and much to gain. After you purchase it, if you do not like it, there is an option of taking it back and getting a full refund. When you get the program you will also get access to the “Alive After the Fall” member’s area where you can view, download and print the products.

The fact of the matter is that you can use this information, regardless of whether you ever experience a disaster. There is nothing that brings satisfaction in life like one’s peace of mind. Just knowing that your family will be safe and protected in the event that a disaster occurs will console you. Alive After the Fall is not only meant for the big headline disasters. There are some minor emergencies that might require you to make use of some of the survival methods as well.


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