How To Create Change And Get The Life You Desire

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Motivation has to be the driving force behind change and advancement. After all, every effort you make to produce change in your life, has to come from somewhere. Knowing what you want and possessing the desire to go after it, is what stirs up motivation. When things start to look shady, staying motivated will keep you on the bandwagon.

1. A Vision Board

A vision board is wonderful because you can put all your goals, ambitions, desires, and whatever keeps you driven such as kids, images, etc. You can find a photo of that hot car you can’t wait to drive, that big house in an upscale neighborhood, places around the world that you would love to see before you die, the new and improved lifestyle you desire to have, or image of your soulmate prospect. Absolutely anything you truly want should go on your vision board.

2. Stop Looking From The Outside In

Change starts with you. It’s alright to get angry, you should if you are not living the life you want. A lot of times, we associate fear with change. This is why I started telling myself and others, “get comfortable with being uncomfortable.” When you think this way, it literally changes your whole outlook for the better.

Ask yourself “Why do I want to change?” Are you sick and tired of the same ole same ole? Unhappy in your life? Have you had enough of not having enough? Whatever the case is, now is the time to do something about it. Most of us won’t do anything about it until we get angry or frustrated enough. This is when you search for your “why?” Unless you have a strong “why?” you will never take the first step towards change.

3. Time Is Of The Essence

At some point, we all struggle with treating time as a precious resource. Managing it is truly a challenge. Change comes with commitment and to be effective, it requires your investment of time. Let’s stop wasting time and start utilizing it the right way. After all, you’re on a mission. Slow down on watching television and get more into books. Educating yourself will only help you get to where you want to be. Your time is valuable, so treat it that way.

4. Dare To Be Different

Knowing who you are as a person is very important. You don’t have to follow what everyone else does to get noticed or get to the next level. Truth is, everything isn’t for everybody and results vary. Be your own leader to achieve happiness. Your path may not be identical to others and that makes your story unique. The results of a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology: Attitudes and Social Cognition suggest that when you change your mindset, everything else will fall into place including your efforts.

5. Fight The Forces Of Evil

Fear is evil because it can rob you of your dreams. Only you can put a stop to this tragedy. Fear can harm you more than anything when you are trying to change and stay motivated. Do you really want this to cease your happiness? Do you really want to let this continue to be a barrier between you and your goals? I didn’t think so. Refuse to let fear take over your steps and intervene in your path towards the life you want and take action! You have so much to offer!


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