Born to Win: 7 Simple Steps To Achieve Success And Greatness

person on top of high mountain as-symbol of success

You were born to be victorious with success inside of you, nonetheless, success depends on you. For you to get yourself into your achievement, you must start where you are right at this moment and admit who you are. You shouldn’t copy anybody, don’t seek to be somebody else.

You have to take a look at your own self deep inside and look at all of the injures, the discomforts and the downfalls. In spite of the numerous setbacks you have been through, you aren’t any loser. Failure is not final it is short-term. It’s an event that you have undergone that was meant to provide you with a lesson. An outstanding person is somebody who was unsuccessful, yet in no way considered himself/herself as some sort of disappointment.

You Were Born to Win

1. Believe in Your God-Given Talent to Be Successful

You should have faith instead of disbelief. The 2 is similar to gas and drinking water, they cannot be combined.

Believe yourself.

Believe in an energy bigger than yours

There is no better trust than the trust you place in The almighty and in your own self.

Release your confined beliefs and never restrict yourself.

Many individuals have to decrease themselves to what they believe they can accomplish. You can go as far as your mind allows you. What your head is able to conceive and acknowledge, that very same intellect can perform.

Use your mind’s sight to visualize yourself stepping into success.

You have to believe it so that you can see it. Seeing isn’t believing, that is doubting.

2. Past Your Past Years

Release your history and do not allow it to sadly hold you back.

This task could take time, training and perseverance, however, it’s crucial for you to let it go
as a way to progress and make the kind of life you are hoping to see.

You were created to win, your history is his-story (only an account), do not chain yourself to it.

The Rev. Jack Hayford once stated, “The past is a dead issue, and we cannot gain momentum moving toward tomorrow if we are dragging the past behind us”.

If you want motivation and inspiration on how to prevail over seemingly insurmountable and impossible challenges, look at the lifespan history of individuals like Helen Keller, Booker T Washington, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Nelson Mandela.

3. Manage Your Thinking

When you say to yourself, “I can never”, you’re right. Should you inform yourself, “yes I can”, you are likewise right.

If you believe you can or you are unable to you are right. The strength of thought is so huge it is able to direct the course of your way of life.

We turn into what we think about and focus on continuously.

Whatsoever captivates our awareness determines our actions.

We are what we are and where we’re because of the dominating opinion which inhabits our minds.

  • This is how powerful our thought processes are:
  • Major Assumption: We can control our thought processes.
  • Modest Premise: Our emotions arrive from our thoughts
  • Summary: We can easily control our emotions by learning to change how we think.

It is the things we consider and concentrate upon, not our circumstances, which decide our victory.

You are born to succeed, practice to possess excellent useful thoughts to occupy your brain all of the time.

The Holy Bible reminds us on how to think: “Whatever things are noble, whatever things are truthful, whatsoever things are correct, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatever things are excellent, if there be any virtue and if there be any compliment, meditate on these things”.

4. Adjust Your Perspective

Your attitude can determine success or failure.

Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your elevation.

For your living to transform, your frame of mind must change.

Our attitude informs us what we expect to have out of living.

Just like an airplane, if our “nose” is aiming upward we’re taking off; when it is going
downward, we might be heading for an accident.

You had been born to win. The winning mindset perceives the glass 1 / 2 full rather than 50 % empty, expect the very best instead of believing the worst, is positive of victory rather than frightened of failing, is full of appreciation rather than filled with criticism, states it may be tough but possible rather than stating it is possible yet complicated.

Often times our mindset is the single big difference between success and failure.

5. Be The Reason for Your Way Of Life

There are 3 types of persons in life.

1 type cause things to happen, another view what is happening and the third question what has happened.

Many live their life as though life owes them anything, so they relax and assume life to “do us” instead of “us performing life”.

You had been born to be successful, with greatness within. But in order for anyone to step into your greatness, you will need to get up, take action and make things appear.

The earth and our lives are governed by typical laws, one of these is that activity creates the same and opposite kind of reaction.

You were born to win, take action, cause things to happen and take the risk.

If you aren’t prepared to risk the unusual, you will have to accept the normal.

6. Be Entirely Committed to Your Ideal

If we are truly devoted to accomplishing our objectives, we’ll accept absolutely nothing to avert us.

Once we want success and want it desperately enough, we shall find a way even when there appears to be no way.

If we are not fully committed, just about any minor impediment that comes our way will certainly derail us.

To be able to take on success it cannot be treated like a hobby – it’s a pledge

7. Invest Seeds That Assist Other individuals

Achievement in everyday life is about making business relationships.

Whether it’s spouse and children partnership, job partnership or line of work partnership, it is thinking about several other human beings’ needs and facilitating them to find their power on the inside.

Zig Ziglar captures this thought totally, he stated “Assist other people to find what they really
want, and you’ll have everything you could want.”

When you’re conscious of your purpose in life and are expanding to reach your optimum ability, you are on the way to stroll into achieving greatness, acknowledging that you have been given birth to succeed.


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